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The Full Dedication Ceremony

The bronze casting is complete!

Due to the generous support of many people the bronze casting process is complete and the statue is on track for unveiling and dedication on June 23, 2018 as part of the Ananda Laurelwood Yogafest weekend.

You can attend the unveiling details here.



Gary Roller has now completed sculpting this eight-foot high statue.  It has since been to the foundry and back for making the mother mold from which the soon-to-be installed bronze centerpiece of Yogananda Gardens has been made.  L-R Byasa, Janakidevi, Gary Roller, Jayashree.

In the videos below watch Gary describe how this statue came to be, then see a 4 minute documentary on part of the experience.


Gary Roller speaking at the Ananda Church in Beaverton, Oregon on February 5, 2017


Yogananda statues are available now.

dsc00002-1-cutout-2400Reproductions of Gary Roller’s eleven-inch model for the larger-than-life statue are now ready for you to buy.  These are artfully cast in resin with a beautiful bronze finish. One of the very first castings has been presented to Yogananda’s relatives and placed in his boyhood home in Calcutta India. Now this statue can grace your home as well. The price is $300. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.  Click here or on the picture to place an order.  The statue is available either in resin or in bronze metal casting.

Thank you for coming to pay us a visit!

The creation of lovely park-like Gardens for contemplation and meditation is being launched at the Ananda Center in Laurelwood Valley near Gaston Oregon.  It is being created to honor the great Yoga Master, Paramhansa Yogananda.  It will feature secluded areas of inspiring shrines and quiet nooks, as well as lawn areas surrounded by colorful flowers and ornamental plantings where musical events will be held on summer evenings.

Let us tell you about our plans for the park

View from Hartley Rd Sept 30 2014 annotated 2000 x 684 compressed

This picture shows the general area of the gardens with the Ananda Center at Laurelwood facilities below. The  statue of Yogananda will be placed near the center top of the ellipse in the picture. We are just now in the preparation stage of the overall design.  You will find more detail of the current plan here.

People of Yogananda Gardens

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA vision came to one person which has inspired many.  The number of interested people is growing all the time.  The plan for the People Page is to include all who wish their picture to be on the page and/or on the team to make this special event happen.  Together we will create a place that many can enjoy….dedicated to  the joy-filled yogi, Paramhansa Yogananda.  Read more …

Commemorating Yogananda

Mound v2 w 8ft statue v2 cropThe header picture depicts Yogananda blessing similar to the pose of the statue  created by Gary Roller. The design is based on photographic images of Yogananda bestowing his blessings on the world. Read more about Yogananda and follow the development of the statue on the blogs.