Yogananda Sculpture Project

possible-setup-of-100-chairs.jpgThe Focal Point: Standing Statue of Yogananda

Roller working on statue Mark S
Gary Roller working on the maquette of the standing statue of Yogananda Photo credit: Maitri and Mark Smithhisler

A magnificent statue of the Great Master, Paramhansa Yogananda, the author of the now famous book, Autobiography of a Yoga, is currently being created by well-known sculptor, Gary Roller, in New Mexico. This thrilling new design has never been done before.



Yogananda bonze bust on orange background
Paramhansa Yogananda by Gary Roller

Gary Roller’s bust of Yoganananda

This beautifully sculpted image of Yogananda was done in 1987 by Gary Roller at his studio in Placitas, New Mexico.  Gary is currently working on this latest image of Yogananda at his new studio in Taos. He finds it satisfying balancing his time between the two things he loves doing  — his music and his art.  So he currently fits the work on the statute in between the spaces allowed in his career in country music. More details about Gary Roller  

Mike and face full res
Mike Maiden of Maiden Foundry displays the wax cast of the statue. This is to be used to make the form for casting the statue in bronze.