It’s a park, it’s a garden it’s a sanctuary, it is dedicated to world brotherhood and to the universal teachings that Yogananda brought for all humanity.  It is close by Portland and easily accessible. It even has a facility right nearby to stay overnight or take a retreat. It is a pilgrimage destination for anyone whose life has been touched by Yogananda through his classic book the Autobiography of a Yogi or the recent film about his life, or in any way at all.

Alas, it hasn’t quite materialized yet, but it has been in the works for a year already.

  • Ananda Center at Laurelwood has made available about 15 acres for the project.
  • A sculptor well known for his previous bust of the Master has already created a small model for the larger-than-life statue of Yogananda that will be the centerpiece of the park.
  • A small shrine to Yogananda that you can visit right now is in place to hold the energy and focus for the larger vision unfolding around it.

Watch the video, explore this website, look at our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign  Creating Yogananda Gardens. Visit the actual Laurelwood site, meet the people, get involved, and participate financially with a donation however small to add your energy to the movement to create this special place you will want to visit again and again.

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