Rotate the statue!

Face all directions!  Imagine a very slowly rotating statue of Yogananda 8 feet tall commanding a broad view of the rural countryside of Western Oregon. It might not be imaginary very long.

Yogananda is blessing the entire world so the statue will very slowly rotate to express the universal qualities of his teachings. (Much slower than the video – more like a clock) Right now the statue exists in the form of a small wax model (a maquette) by the sculptor Gary Roller. When the eight-foot bronze version is finished it will become the centerpiece of the Yogananda Gardens of the Northwest.

Watch the video above and explore this website. Our Indiegogo story page tells the whole story in a nutshell and I hope it inspires you to help make it all happen either financially or in some other way. At the very least tell your friends about it. Better yet come by and see what is happening for your self – we are located in the Laurelwood valley near Portland Oregon.
Indiegogo Creating Yogananda Gardens

Click the picture at left to see the Indiegogo presentation.

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