Purpose and inspiration

Many of Yogananda’s friends coming together have purchased the land where these gardens will be placed and are starting excavations on the land. The highly admired sculptor, Gary Roller in New Mexico, is starting the work on a life-sized or larger, bronze statue which will be the crowning touch in the Gardens. The statue itself will be surrounded by lawns and attractively created flower beds of various shapes and hues, pleasing to the eye. Seating areas will be created around him for visitors to bathe in the Yogananda vibration as they enjoy the beautiful and serene view of Laurelwood Valley spread out below.

There will different heights to the park with meandering trails, as well as wheel-chair access to the different levels. Interesting paths through some of the more natural areas will lead to secluded spots for relaxation or meditation surrounded by colorful bushes, trees, and flowers and probably a statue or two. We have many creative people who are a part of our group that are beginning the design process. But we do need your help financially to succeed. This is a big project! One that will offer a place of beauty, peace and tranquility in a troubling world for aeons to come.