Gary Roller, Artist

Roller close up 300x449It is a joy to be in partnership with Gary Roller on this project of creating this new statue.  He draws from deeply within his own soul to produce the beautiful pieces of sculpture he is giving to the world.

His contributions to art, both through the visual arts and his joyful offerings in the music world are so broad and varied, we will let him describe them.  You will discover  for yourself in this quote from the April 2004 Sandoval Signpost article below some of the richness he contributes to life by doing what he loves:

Drawing upon the realistic and inspirational backdrops of the New Mexico, Roller blends heartfelt vision with the skill of the sculptor to model images that enrich the lives of people worldwide. Best known for depicting the various cultures of the rugged southwestern landscape, he often focuses on the spiritual life of the Native American as a powerful symbol which expresses universally understood life experiences

Combining art and music

Roller is a professional musician who is known mostly for his long time association with Michael Martin Murphey’s Wildfire Productions. In that role he has performed on The Tonight Show, Austin City Limits and many other national broadcasts.

He often blends his passion for music by depicting musical themes in his art.  He was commissioned by George Strait to do his portrait for prints for his fans. Roller was recently chosen to create the cast bronze Willie Nelson award for the Texas Heritage Songwriters Hall of Fame.  The piece has been awarded to Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, Waylong Jennings, KT Oslin, Roger Miller and Ronnie Dunn. Each recipient is thrilled and delighted with the award.

In addition to those award winners many celebrities collect his works including: George Staijt, Wynonna Judd, Suzy Bogguss, Michael Martin Murphey, Amado Pena, Senator Orin Hatch to name a few.

Gary Roller has created works for corporate America as well. The Walt Disney Company purchased his bust of Walt Disney. The State of Texas used his bust of John Wayne as the official tribute to the world renown actor.

Again from the Sandoval Signpost article:

Roller’s tributes to outstanding authors and world teachers can be found throughout the global community. It is his hope that the images will encourage people to open to greater possibilities and offer light on their path of personal development. His work serves as focal points in schools, churches, community centers, businesses, parks and even entire communities.

Gary Roller’s bronze bust of Yogananda placed in Yogananda’s boyhood home.

HK Gosh and Angeli w Roller bust 1000x1333

Hari Krishna and Anjali Ghosh accepting the Yogananda bronze bust by Gary Roller in Yogananda’s boyhood home in Calcutta.

Click to enlarge or view the bust on the  Yogananda Sculpture Project  page.

Roller feels it was his greatest privilege to have his sculpted tribute to beloved world teacher Paramhansa Yogananda (author of Autobiography of a Yogi) placed in the teacher/authors boyhood home in Calcutta, India.

Copies of the bust have been collected by students and friends of Yogananda and placed in homes and communities throughout the world.


Roller combined his love of music and art to create the Melody Time Ranch — a whimsical western setting that hosts live music gatherings.

In addition to his online galleries on Facebook and his website ( Roller shows his works at many of the concert venues he performs and also at the new  The Ranch at Taos  (gallery). He calls Northern New Mexico his creative and spiritual home.

Facebook: Gary Roller-Western Artist