janakidevi (JoAn) Steinmetz

Janakidevi speaking vs150312-007 500pxAs a long time member of the Yogic community of Ananda and a devotee of Yogananda for over forty years, janakidevi accepts with alacrity whatever messages the Universe bestows.  In May 2014 the message she received in meditation was to build a sanctuary where people could come  and pray.  Later a more explicit picture depicted beautiful gardens with a statue of Yogananda and the name Yogananda Gardens of the Northwest.  In relating the incidence to others they responded with interest and enthusiasm and so it all began…


Byasa (David) Steinmetz

Byasa DSC05710 crop2 square 500px

A member of Ananda for over four decades, Byasa’s specialty is the yuga cycles to which he applies his experience in astronomy, scientific investigation and the study of ancient cultures.  As a dedicated yogi, he has given his life to the study and research which resulted in his being a co-author of the book, The Yugas.   He supports the Yogananda Gardens project in various background activities that involve measurement, graphics, photography etc.


Sculptor, Gary Roller

Roller close up 300px sqGary lives and works at his home and studio in Placitas, New Mexico.  He is cordially working long distance with us here in the Laurelwood, Oregon area to bring about the creation of the standing pose in bronze of Paramhansa Yogananda for the  Yogananda Gardens of the Northwest.

The following quotation from an article about Gary Roller, published in April of 2004 in the Sandoval Signpost, pretty well sums up his attitude about his life and his work.

“The idea of enriching lives through the visual and entertainment arts provides the vital pool of inspiration from which Gary Roller draws his dynamic creative energies.  Like the various spokes of a wheel, reaching in all directions from its hub, Roller expresses that energy, through a variety of creative mediums, touches the lives of people throughout the world.  He believes that the goal of art should be to touch the viewer.

“‘Successful art imparts deep personal insights, awakens love, and gives a deeper understanding of life,’ he says.”

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