Building the first shrine at Yogananda Gardens NW

In this age of Dwapara great things are manifested primarily by clear focused energy. It is that energy that draws the needed resources and reveals the details in its unimpeded flow. One day it was Janakidevi’s inspiration that we should direct some of that flow toward a small shrine that would be within our means … More Building the first shrine at Yogananda Gardens NW

Yogananda Gardens dedication and groundbreaking

Yogananda Gardens was officially dedicated on February 15 in a very sweet blessing including a fire ceremony and groundbreaking beginning about 12:30 in the afternoon and ending about 1:00 . At just 12:20, the time Drupada recommended astrologically a cloud shape that suggested a heart appeared in the sky on this Valentine’s day Sunday. Some … More Yogananda Gardens dedication and groundbreaking

Our new logo

Since Yogananda Gardens is located in the lovely Laurelwood valley west of Portland Oregon, it seemed appropriate to incorporate a Laurelwood leaf in our logo. After some sorry attempts to draw such a leaf I simply went out doors and plucked a fresh leaf from our nearby Laurelwood tree, photographed it and processed the image … More Our new logo

Yogananda Gardens history seen in Google Earth

Google Earth’s historical imagery shows how the garden area has changed over time.  The surprising thing is that the entire area was cleared of blackberries and Scotch broom only four and a half years ago.  It is amazing how fast these plants return.  Some of the broom towers over our heads already. We have only … More Yogananda Gardens history seen in Google Earth