Many hands make a miracle: how our rustic shrine was transformed into a wedding venue.

A hundred people were invited to the wedding!  Where will they sit?  Surely not on the blackberry covered hillside above the shrine!  Oh yes they will!

Everybody played a part.  Byasa worked out that terracing the hillside could provide enough space and Daiva created those terraces with his giant machinery.

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Sahadev and Byasa planned out a temporary wooden retaining wall.  We had help from the Laurelwood interns and held a big seva day to prepare the site. Stairs were put in, paths were cut, the retaining wall built, some of our plantings had to be moved and a truckload of bark was spread over the seating areas.

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We obtained a huge bale of hay to spread over the part of the field people would have to walk over and the farmer agreed to let us use the field as a parking lot so visitors could reach the site.

A hundred folding chairs found places to be with great views of the shrine.  Byasa made a golden arch with hanging pictures of the masters to add to the shrine and on the rainy morning of the wedding Shraddha Williams decorated the shrine and created a beautiful altar out of it.

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The wedding went off perfectly; you might say magically. The rain was replaced with sunshine and a beautiful rainbow formed in the distance. A wonderful time was had by all who attended (about 90 people).

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