How to make an instant rose arbor

It was already the end of May when Miriam and David Seybert declared that they planned to have their August wedding at the shrine at Yogananda Gardens.  That shrine was designed to accommodate a small group of, say 8 or 10 people at most.  We could expect a hundred to attend the wedding!  About the first thing Janakidevi said to me was “We need a rose arbor for the wedding”.   How can we create a rose arbor in three months that normally would take years to grow?  Taking the question inside, the superconscious solution soon emerged:  Hang enough potted rose plants on the arbor framework to make it look like it is fully developed!   A few minutes in Sketchup produced a drawing of the concept.

Concept drawing

We took the drawing to  the local nurseryman: “Could this work? “, we asked.  “Yes was his response, and we left with six potted climbing roses, a metal arbor frame and some holders to hang the pots.  Not knowing what to do with all these roses, we placed them in the Laurelwood vegetable garden which was a fenced area – we thought.  In fact they had been working on the fence and had torn out a large part of it.  Sure enough the next day we found the roses had been thoroughly trimmed of all their blossoms and tender growing tips by the, no doubt very delighted deer!

In time the roses recovered from their trauma and bloomed again. I built some short trellises attached to each pot to begin to train their growth while they waited for the wedding time.

Arbor under construction

A few days before the ceremony we installed the metal frame, and hung the potted roses with their attached trellises.  A temporary fence and some deer repellent protected them from the animals until the morning of the ceremony when we removed the fencing.

Even though it was about the end of the blooming season for roses The result was a beautiful arbor and everyone was delighted with it.