Successful Fundraiser

A Successful Fundraiser with Gary Roller

Laurelwood rolled out the red carpet (so to speak)  for Gary, holding a magnificent dinner followed by very special deserts and talks by Gary, Caitilin (our landscape designer) and others. The evening concluded with a slide show of the progress of Yogananda Gardens so far and a silent auction for a very special signed copy of Gary’s Babaji statue.

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The tables at dinner were elegantly set. Here Gangamata Glazzard lovingly arranges decorations.



The dinner was fantastic!  The entire crew at Laurelwood turned out dressed in black & white to serve the meal. (The picture below only shows half of the lineup).

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At the head table were Janakidevi, Gary Roller and Caitilin Pope Daum.  Caitilin is our landscape architect.




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After the dinner we moved over to another building for an evening of  deserts and presentations. The deserts were well received – how could anyone pass up tiramisu, cheesecake, cannoli and more.


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Tushti Conti, although of failing health was able to attend the evening, fulfilling her wish to meet Gary and see the maquette of his Yogananda statue. She has since passed on. This was her last public appearance. Her husband Surendra, center background looks on.



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Gary unveiled his nearly completed maquette to the delight of all.  He has refined it greatly during the year that has passed since we last saw it and is at this point almost ready to call finished.   Clockwise from left:  Surendra Conti, Yogesh Lee, Yogananda, Joe McCarthy, Gary Roller, Kalamali Lee, and Tushti Conti.



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After Daiva offered opening remarks, Caitilin Pope Daum described, in an illustrated talk,  the development of her design for the gardens and the plaza that will feature Gary’s sculpture.

Then Gary shared the story of  how he came to be a sculptor of the kriya masters:  The art teacher who introduced him to the Autobiography of a Yogi was a sculptor and exposed Gary to the art. Once the seed was planted it took some years to germinate, but we see the results today.

DSC09205 Maquette Facing right cutout.

To close the evening’s presentations Janakidevi and Byasa narrated a slide presentation that reviewed the Yogananda Gardens project from its very beginning as a vision in meditation to its present state as a major project of Ananda Laurelwood with growing global interest.