Happy Birthday Yogananda Gardens

Yogananda Gardens first year birthday cake
Yogananda Gardens first year birthday

It was just a little over a year ago that we broke ground with a fire ceremony and blessing at the site of Yogananda Gardens.  How far we have come in just one circuit around the sun!  Shortly after the ceremony the Yogananda shrine materialized and Gary Roller came to show us his unfinished small model of the standing statue.  Through the year there was more clearing of blackberries and scotch broom and continuous refinements to the shrine.  Rachel and Brian McSweeny made a promotional movie for us. After a fund-raising campaign we were able to proceed with the next steps. We engaged the Portland landscape architect Caitilin Pope Daum who tuned right in to our project and produced beautiful designs.  We settled on calling the lotus plaza and seating area that will surround the eight-foot statue of Yogananda something like World Brotherhood Peace Plaza or Sanctuary. Parts of the garden area have been surveyed and detailed drawings and specifications for the plaza area and main paths are underway. An engineer has been engaged to help with the permitting process.

Maquette covered with rubber
Beginning of the process of creating a mold of the maquette.

The Maquette is finished!

As I write this Gary has just sent us a message saying he has begun the process of making a mold of the 12 inch model (the maquette).  That means that he is finished sculpting and satisfied with the work, well over a year in the making! Hooray!  It has been exciting to watch this project progress from one person’s vision to ground-breaking to the beginnings of physical manifestation with more and more people involved as it steadily gains momentum.


Accordingly while Gary was here at the end of February we had a gala birthday celebration at the Portland Ananda Community.  The Portland Ananda Community went all out to welcome Gary, put up decorations and share  a pot-luck dinner that was finished off with a giant birthday cake.  After the dinner the community’s several guitarists joined with Gary for a super fun family jam session.


DSC09249 adj crop
Preparing the potluck
DSC09263 adj crop
L-R Janakidevi, Gary Roller, Daiva Glazzard








The gathering
The gathering
DSC09283 adj crop
Gary talked to the group.








Gary's sculptures on display
Gary’s sculptures on display
A family jam session
Informal  family jam session