Yogananda Gardens hosts spring visitors

What a wonderful way to float through a rather rainy Spring into a more pleasant Summer Season at the Gardens!  Yogananda Gardens has had distinguished visitors from three continents this spring.  We were so delighted to welcome:  first of all, in April, Surendra and Tushti,  the directors of the Pune Ananda Center in India.  They had been visiting Laurelwood  for a short time before their return to their Center in Pune and spent some time with us on the land enjoying the shrine and listening to our plans for the Park.

Somnath and Surita visit the shrine May 28 2015Then in May, we were honored by a visit from the Ghosh’s, Somnath and Sarita, who spent time at the shrine, giving it their blessings and surveying the areas where the large statue of Yogananda will be placed.  They were very appreciative of a Park/Sanctuary being dedicated to a distinguished member of their family — Paramhansa Yogananda.

Somnath is grandson of Sananda lal Ghosh, brother of Paramhansa Yogananda.  He and his wife Sarita are keeping Yogananda’s boyhood home in Kolkata (Calcutta) open to pilgrims at all times.  While at the shrine in Yogananda Gardens they offered a blessing ceremony for the project.

Surjo Naryani and Gangamata at YGN Shrine June 2 2015 1024pxThey were followed in June with the very sweet couple, Narayani and Shurjo, who seemed to love the shrine and all it represents:  now, in spirit, and its potential in the future.  As they blessed the shrine, we all shared in their joy, which they are busily sharing with Ananda Centers around the world.

Narayani, who is from Spain and was personal assistant to Swami Kriyananda for the last several years of his life and her husband Shurjo from India shared wonderful stories of their time traveling with Swami Kriyananda Ji.  At the shrine in Yogananda Gardens they also offered prayers and blessings for the work at Laurelwood.

What joy it was to have Jyotish and Devi, the Spiritual Directors of Ananda Worldwide come to Portland Community, the Beaverton Church,  the Living Wisdom School, the Laurelwood Cities of Light Center, and up the hill to visit and bless the small part of the Yogananda Gardens Vision Joytish and Devi with J and D June 12 2015 IMG_1237 1024pxthat has been made manifest so far.

They graciously admired and enjoyed the Shrine and experienced the vibrations which Devi felt are a part of the land.  We are truly blessed in this audacious venture by a power that sweeps us along in its wake.

Indeed many who come are remarking that they are already experiencing a special vibration here of  peace, calmness and the presence and blessings of the Masters.  Some are making a visit to the shrine a part of their daily routine. While there, they are able to tend the flowers, with water drawn from a nearby tank, as an offering.  We thank the Divine Powers that keep it all going, bringing blessings to us all.