A rotating Yogananda statue?

Which way should Yogananda’s standing statue face?  East to the rising sun?  North over the Laurelwood valley? West to the glorious sunsets. South to the fields of wheat and developing Ananda community?
How about all of the above?
Imagine the statue, arms upraised in blessing and very very slowly rotating as to include the entire earth in his scope.  It would move slowly like the hands of a clock to you wouldn’t notice the motion right away, but after some time you might realize that it had changed. We plan to surround the statue with benches so that you could always choose a seat facing Yogananda or alternately sit behind and offer your own blessings in whatever direction the statue faces at the moment.

What better way to express the universal nature of Yogananda’s teachings and the spiritual brotherhood of all peoples that he envisioned.

Please let us know your thoughts on this idea.

2 thoughts on “A rotating Yogananda statue?

  1. Great idea….have a sunflower secton next to him..sunflowers are like a spiral staircase to the infinite ; the young ones also move their face east to west with the sun. Master also loved saints and made it his passion to seek saints, how wonderful it would be to dedicate a portion those who have a heart only for GOD(Saints of past, present and future).


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