Gary Roller visits Yogananda Gardens and unveils his new statue.

Sculptor Gary Roller made an eagerly awaited visit to Yogananda Gardens the weekend of Feb 28-March 2015

Janakidevi showing Gary Roller the Yogananda Gardens site.
Janakidevi showing Gary Roller the Yogananda Gardens site. (photo: Byasa)
G Roller and Janakidevi DSC07402 detail 500px
Gary Roller at the new Yogananda shrine (photo: Byasa)

On Saturday he got a tour of Ananda Center at Laurelwood and walked the land to tune in to where and how his larger-than-life statue of Yogananda will be placed. Gary seemed very pleased with the general area we had been considering, and with the garden as a whole.

On Sunday afternoon at the Ananda Church in Beaverton Gary unveiled for the first time in public, his unfinished small maquette (model) of the large standing statue of Yogananda. To the best of our knowledge this is the first such standing-pose statue of Yogananda ever. All who saw it felt the power and blessings of the Master flowing through it.

First unveiling of the maquette vs150319-002 500px
Gary Roller unveils his unfinished maquette of the new standing Yogananda sculpture. (photo: Bob Ausbeck)

Next on the agenda was a well-attended $100/plate luncheon at a nearby restaurant at which Gary spoke eloquently about the Yogananda Gardens project and what it means to him.

First Janakidevi described how her vision of the gardens came to her in meditation. She saw that a statue of Yogananda was at the top level surrounded by beauty, and the words “Yogananda Gardens of the Northwest” came to her. She saw paths through the woods and gardens with secluded places to meditate. When she visited for the first time the area of the Laurelwood land that was available for a garden she recognized it immediately from her vision.

Then Shane shared that some time back when he was being shown around the land he had a very strong feeling that “something is trying to happen here and we haven’t spotted it yet”. When later he heard about Janakidevi’s vision he immediately recognized in his heart that “Yes – that was it! That is what is trying to happen here.”

Gary Roller then spoke of how, when he would go for walks in a park near his home in New Mexico he would at times have a powerful feeling that he wanted to be part of a Yogananda World Brotherhood park. Then when he received our inquiry about sculpting a new statue he was already to “get on board” with the drawings and ideas he had been thinking about.

Finally Gary unveiled the small wax maquette of Yogananda portrayed in an attitude of blessing the world. Watch Gary’s inspiring remarks in the video below.

We have here three people who, independently, and in about the same time frame, received inward direction about the future Yogananda Gardens project at Laurelwood. It is clear that Gary Roller’s visit will be seen as a major turning point as this story unfolds.

The sculptor visualizes the statue
The sculptor visualizes his completed large sculpture of Yogananda in its garden context. (photos: janakidevi & Byasa)

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