Dwapara Energy Builds a Garden

These passages came to me a few days ago and I felt I was supposed to share them with others.

I am a raging furnace of energy trying to manifest in the world today.  I am Dwapara energy.  I can be used to create a peaceful, calm world of beauty and harmony, but everyone has to learn how to harness Me to that purpose.

Yogananda came to show people the way to work with My energy.  This energy is going to either be put to work in peaceful productive ways or it is going to be destructive and rampage like terrorism through the world.

Energy can be controlled.  Mankind has found many unique ways to use it to create beauty, harmony and peace, but keeping it controlled and focused is not easy.  People can be overwhelmed with the possibilities.

That is where prayer and meditation come in.  These are the tools to obtain the depth of control needed at this time.  There are forces that will become present to help every individual guide and direct this new energy, but we must stay tuned to the Invisible Director coming through us..  That takes tremendous will power, selflessness and sacrifice.

It means giving up the ways of the ego which have been the prevalent force in the world these long, many centuries and coming to a place where we listen to the Higher self before we act.

All the methods that Yoga gives to the world will be useful in this transformation.  Remember this energy is sweeping into the Universe and it can be a Great Teacher or, like a rushing stream, it can sweep us off our feet and carry us away in all sorts of catastrophic directions.

Yogananda Gardens can be built by utilizing Dwapara’s calm, controlled energy as an illustration of the way to tame and direct that flow to produce goodness and joy rather than chaos and confusion.  It will take a lot of people capable of listening very intently to the Highest within them — working with the forces of nature which are so much larger and more complex than the world has ever known about before — but the possibilities of its unfolding to present the world with a new and higher vibration to draw from will bring us all to a new level.  Also, to a new level of compassion and caring for the natural environment, plants, animals, and friends surrounding us.  It can be a time of great blessings.