Videographers Visit Taos

Yogananda Gardens has so many dear friends helping in many capacities. One major example is the generosity of Sculptor, Gary Roller, who as a devotee of Yogananda is giving so much of his time and energy to helping make Yogananda Gardens a reality.  HeYogananda bust from DSC07039 orange bkgnd 500 x 392px did a beautiful bronze bust of Yogananda (as shown) a little over twenty-five years ago.  When approached with the idea of doing a full standing pose for Yogananda Gardens last May, his reply was, “I had just been wondering if it wasn’t about time for another statue of him.”

A few days ago, just before Thanksgiving, Maitri and Mark Smithhisler, also friends of ours and part of the Ananda community where they live in Texas, arrived in Taos at Gary’s studio to video him and the small model of the new statue.  It will be some time before we can include more pictures  so we are giving you a tiny preview of that meeting.

This is Gary Roller’s studio in Taos New Mexico. The small statue of Yogananda is on the table behind Maitri. Almost incognito at this point in time.  Within the next few months we will be having a fund-raising campaign to raise the funds for the creation of the 7-foot bronze statue.

Gary Roller interviewed by Maitri Smithhisler at his studio in Taos

Mark Smithhisler preparing to do the video shoot of Gary Roller in his studio

Mark Smithhisler on the video shoot of Gary Roller in his studio

Roller close up 300x449

This happy picture of Gary finds him in a more comfortable role.  He is not only a visual artist, but a musical artist as well.  He is most at home singing and playing music for gatherings in various Western venues, including the Santa Fe, Albuquerque areas  near his home in Placitas, New Mexico.

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